A Platform That Helps Recently Separated/Divorced Women

From Jeff Bezos tweeting about how he and his soon-to-be ex will be friends forever, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s conscious uncoupling, our expert says things don’t always work out the way you think they will. This is where Divorce Dynasty comes in.

It’s a platform responsible for people going through divorce. I was married to a prominent politician. When the time came to dissolve the marriage, I felt unprepared. I wanted a team of professionals to address my needs. Realtor, broker, financial planner, doctor, anybody who will help you get through. I put together a team of vetted professionals to address those needs. This is a place where with him can go and find out information about divorce.

Divorce is gender neutral, but women tend to give up power in marriage. When divorce happens, they’re lost. The process is to provide the service to fill the gap where they need assistance. The team is currently 30 people strong, everything from the private investigators to the health and wellness nutritionist to the investment person to brokers. These are people I can connect any person to for services.

You think you’re involved, you think you’re 50% partner. You think you have access to the information. You don’t. Women coming in, mascara running, was a bad vision for me but a common one. Mascara should be running when you’re going into a surprise party, not when your life is about to fall apart.

Think about divorce when getting married

One thing that’s surprising is before you get married, think about divorce. Absolutely. Marriage is a contract, we don’t want to take the romance and flowers out of it. Things happen. You need know the details about the cash flow, how are you purchasing your first home. All important things to consider.

What does conscious uncoupling mean?

People want to have positive energy in today’s world, there’s so much focus on being healthy and clean. People want to stay friends, so Divorce Dynasty connects you with people that will take the acrimony out of potentially bad conversations. If people are interested in finding out more, look up divorce dynasty on facebook.

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